Registrations are now open!

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

When: 1st - 3rd February 2018

Venue: Le Méridien Saigon

Address: 3C Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Location: Hotel Location on Google Maps

Registration Form: Please review the information below before beginning the registration process.

Registration Steps and Timeline

To streamline our conference communications to the Dealer Network we will be utilising electronic registrations. Holding the conference in Vietnam adds to the logistical complexity, and requires additional information from you as part of the registration process.

You only need to complete one registration form for your Dealership, and the form allows you to include the details for all participants. Please refer to the below timeline of activities to ensure you don't miss out on a spot - please click the image below to enlarge the timeline.



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Step 1

The registration form allows you to save partially completed form entries. Look for the 'Save' button in the bottom right corner of each page. Once the form is saved, you will receive a personalised link that allows you to complete registration when it's most convenient for you.

Once you have completed the required sections in Step 1 of the registration process, for each Participant from your Dealership, click the 'Submit' button. A copy of your registration form will be forwarded to the Dealership email address you specified on the form, and to Solahart Marketing. You are now registered for the conference.

Registration of conference participants must be SUBMITTED no later than Friday 30th September 2017. Please note that we do not need the form completed in full, only the sections listed under Step 1 of the timeline diagram are required for you to register for the conference.

Step 2

Most people will be required to obtain a travel visa prior to departing Australia; the number of countries permitted a Visa-on-Arrival is limited (see list here), and Australia is not one of them. To apply for a travel Visa to Vietnam, each participant of the conference requires;

  1. a passport photograph,
  2. a passport with at least 6 months validity,
  3. a copy of the flight itinerary showing a booked ticket,
  4. a letter of invitation from Rheem Vietnam, and
  5. a letter of Business Introduction from Rheem Australia.

We will issue the two required letters when we receive your Conference Registration with the required sections in Step 1 completed in FULL.

Steps 3 & 4

Complete at your leisure, and update the registration form as required. Please note that we require your flight details to be entered on the form by Friday 27th October, followed by your Visa details by Friday 24th November.

What's Included in the Conference

As with previous conferences Solahart will cover the cost of the conference, accommodation, food, drinks, and transport to/from the factory tour. Dealers will be responsible for some costs associated with attending the conference.

Solahart Will Provide

Accommodation: 3 or 4* Nights

  • Thursday 1st February 2018 (Conference)
  • Friday 2nd February 2018 (Conference)
  • Saturday 3rd February 2018 (Conference)
  • Sunday 4th February 2018*

* If you are participating in one of our Full Day tours, and your departing flight is on Monday 5th February (or later), otherwise your checkout day is Sunday 4th February.


All meals for conference participants commencing with Breakfast on Friday 2nd February through until Breakfast Sunday 4th February.

Optional Activities

The optional local activities/tours on Sunday 4th February 2018 - these are not part of the conference program and are thus not compulsory. Please see Section 3.1 of the registration form to nominate your interest in joining an activity or tour.

Dealer Will Provide


  • Flights to/from Vietnam
  • Passport/Visa fees
  • Return transport between the Hotel and Airport.


Any hotel incidentals, e.g. in-room dining, mini-bar charges, bar charges, dry-cleaning, movies etc. These charges will be payable directly to the hotel at checkout.

Any additional accommodation outside the 3 or 4* nights provided for the conference. We can book any additional nights on your behalf - before or after the conference - at our conference rate of $170/night/room, for 2 people including breakfast. These charges will be payable directly to the hotel at checkout.


  • Any meals before Breakfast on Friday 2nd February, n.b. this includes dinner on Thursday 1st February.
  • Any meals after breakfast Sunday 4th February. n.b. this includes lunch & dinner on Sunday 4th February.


Vietnam Travel Information

Please visit the following websites for further details on travelling to Vietnam;

Travel Health Planner

  1. Vietnam General Information
  2. Vietnam Trip Health Advisory Report
  3. Travel Health Fact Sheet

Australian SmartTraveller Website

You will likely be required to obtain a Visa to travel to Vietnam through the nearest Embassy or Consulate:

Conference Registration

Please complete the conference registration form: here


  1. All Sections listed in Step 1 of the timeline diagram must be completed by Friday 30th September 2017,
  2. Section 2.4 (Step 3) must be completed by Friday 27th October, and
  3. Section 2.5 (Step 4) must be completed by Friday 24th November.


If you have any questions on the Registration Process, please contact the following;

  1. Eleanor Lagore, Ph: 08 9351 4275, Email: Eleanor Lagore
  2. Shane Currie, Ph: 08 9351 4259, Email: Shane Currie