Get Paid More Than Double For Your Excess Solar Energy

From July 1st 2017 more than 130,000 solar households in Victoria will benefit from sending excess energy back into the grid. The Victorian Govt. has recently announced the significant increase to the current Feed-in Tariff, lifting it from 5 cents to 11.3 cents (see below table).

The more solar energy you produce, the more $$ can you earn.

Book a free no obligation energy assessment today to find out how you can get paid double for your excess energy.

 It’s not just Solar, it’s Solahart.


Source: Essential Services Commission

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About Solahart

For over 60 years, we’ve been setting the standard for solar systems in Australia. Our systems are designed for the harshest Australian conditions. Quality is ingrained in everything we do and our obsession with solar technologies is well documented.

Our solar power systems only use world-leading REC panels and the world’s best quality inverters. Our solar panels are consistent with Solahart’s quality and performance requirements, using quality polycrystalline cells, anti-reflective glass and textured cells for greater sunlight absorption.

Meanwhile, our solar water heaters have established an unparalleled reputation for quality and efficiency. Our core range consists of roof-mounted systems and split systems, where the tanks are located on the ground.

In 2016, we joined the home battery revolution with Tesla Powerwall, the world's leading home battery. Solahart's experienced dealers and accredited installers are perfectly positioned to provide expert advice on the Powerwall battery and recommend the right configuration for your situation. Whether you’re looking to combine a Powerwall with a new or existing Solahart Solar Power system, by booking a free Solahart In-Home Solar Assessment, we'll show you the best way to reduce your energy costs and lead a more sustainable life.

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